Art studio Inclan

Art studio Inclan offers different artistic activities, among them: private and semi-private Dance classes.

A pleasant atmosphere is all over the place, where the members are deeply connected to the Dance, Music and Plastic Arts. All of them motivated to learn new things, living experiences in a unique venue situated in a typical “Barrio Porteño” (Porteño’s neighborhood).

Director: Mirta Regina Satz and Co-director: Mora Sanchez 

Our beloved «Taller Arte Inclan» was declared a Site of Cultural Interest by the Buenos Aires Legislature, for the large mural on its facade, called: «La Sonrisa de Gardel.»

The mural is all made with tiny mosaics pieces, supervised by the Artist Mirta Regina Satz. It was a communitarian work, were more than 100 people of all ages, from 5 to 85 years old has participated. Soon, on July 19, 2018, will be the premiere of a documentary/fiction type film called: “Ikigai, back to life” directed by Ricardo Piterbarg. It´s about the life and work of Mirta Regina Satz including the mural realization: “La Sonrisa de Gardel.”

People from different places in the world come to visit this icon of our “Cultura Porteña” – Buenos Aires city culture – close to another iconic place: San Juan and Boedo streets corner.

Following the video of the mural inauguration:

Declared a “Site of Cultural Interest” by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.